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Thrash Anthems saw DESTRUCTION return to the studio in 2007 to re-record several classic tracks from 1984-1990, plus two new tracks “Profanity” and “Unconscious Ruins,” even acknowledging the first post-Schmier album Cracked Brain with a re-recording of the eponymous track. Long sold-out on vinyl, and commanding high prices on the collector’s market, Wax Maniax proudly brings this crushing collection back to vinyl ten years after its original release.

• Available again on vinyl for the first time since it’s initial release in 2007, this Double LP collection from German thrash metal pioneers DESTRUCTION features 13 re-recorded classic tracks spanning the band’s first four albums and first EP from 1984-1990, plus 2 tracks exclusive to this album.

• Album includes re-recorded DESTRUCTION fan-favorites such as “Bestial Invasion”, “Mad Butcher”, “Release from Agony” and many more, including “Cracked Brain”, the title track from the only proper DESTRUCTION album not to include original frontman Schmier.

• Deluxe double LP package features a gatefold jacket filled with album covers, photos and notes from the band, plus a two-sided insert featuring full lyrics which were not included with the original pressing.

Track Listing:

Side A:

1. Bestial Invasion (4:37) [Infernal Overkill]
2. Profanity (5:57)
3. Release from Agony (4:34) [Release from Agony]
4. Mad Butcher (3:45) [Mad Butcher]

Side B:

5. Reject Emotions (5:52) [Mad Butcher]
6. Cracked Brain (3:44) [Cracked Brain]
7. Total Desaster (3:26) [Sentence of Death]
8. Deposition (Your Heads Would Roll) (5:10)

Side C:

9. Invincible Force (3:45) [Infernal Overkill]
10. Life Without Sense (6:21) [Eternal Devestation]
11. Unconscious Ruins (4:17) [Release from Agony]
12. Tormentor (3:56) [Infernal Overkill]

Side D:

13. Curse the Gods (5:14) [Eternal Devestation]
14. Sign of Fear (6:35) [Release from Agony]
15. Death Trap (4:52) [Infernal Overkill]

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